Thursday, March 26, 2009


Easter is on it's way!! Where have I been? I really did not think about it being here in just two weeks. Oh well, no big deal, decorations and new dresses are not what EASTER is about.

I did manage to get some of my bunnies out of storage and they have found new homes atop my furniture. I have a fascination with rabbits/bunnies anyway so many of them were already out, but I let them "hop" over to a new location for Spring.

So... here is your 10 cent tour!

Here is the talented handywork of Kari and Kijsa.

This is upstairs in between the kids rooms...notice the bunny lamp...told you I liked them!

My daughter's room already had bunnies in it, but here is her Easter tree.

Here is her bed with bunnies.

My poor dining room table...I tried! I couldn't find my Spring table runner ANYWHERE! So, I left the zebra print. Haven't you heard of the Zebra Bunny? I thought so!

Of course, the bunny plate made it back out this year.

Close-up of the Zebra Bunnies

Happy little bunny candle holder.



Misti of Studio M Designs said...

Everything is so beautiful! I kind of let it sneak up on me too. Just got out my things this week. I love all of your paintings. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

coco said...

I finally got my Easter stuff out today...I knew it was coming but I just haven't had time to get things together! I have the zebra bunnies too, that was my one new purchase this year!

Susan S. said...

I finally got my "decorating on" last night. I hadn't gotten out the Easter Box in years. My house has a lot of the same colors yours does in the living areas and I'm strugglig with which bunnies to use in the less pastel areas of the house. You'r post has given me some good ideas.
PS: The Boards are PRECIOUS! Great job!