Tuesday, March 31, 2009

bucket or basket…

Kind of like paper or plastic, huh?  I used to think of myself as completely sentimental…a traditionalist.  I thought that starting certain traditions surrounding holidays when the kids were babies would prove to be the most beautiful way to celebrate, and in some ways it is. 

However, this year instead of pulling out the Easter Baskets that the kids have used every year, I decided to try out a new craft project.  This one hit me one day while I was at Hobby Lobby and saw these colorful buckets calling screaming my name….saying, “Paint me!”


With the kiddos still being young, the pink/blue thing works at our house. 


One thing I have to mention…my son is 3 and my husband kindly asked me if I would remove the ribbons from his bucket before he uses it.  I laughed, and then agreed. 


Susan S. said...

Cute...as always! And I love the previous post about the REAL Easter Bunny! There is NO fooling your son, is there? Happy Easter!

Jillian, Inc said...

Adorable! And too funny about the ribbon on your son's. (Maybe I should say his bucket is COOL!)

southerninspiration said...

Those are adorable!


Miss Janice said...

Love the work you did on the buckets...too cute. Now, Miss Janice didn't think the ribbons on Campbell's bucket was a big thing!...Men:)

Nancy said...

Oh those are the cutest things! You are so talented! Enjoy all you do! Nancy