Monday, March 2, 2009

Dancing With Daddy... (while mommy cries)

We survived our first Daddy/Daughter Dance! I approach all my daughter's activities these days with one thought... Is she really that old??? And to top it of, while I was getting her dressed (and hiding the outcome from dad) she said, "Mom, I feel like I am getting ready for Prom!" UGH!!!!!
Although it was a tear-jerker of a night for mom, dad and daughter danced the night away with delight. I could not have been more proud of my husband as he treated my daughter as the ultimate princess, and in turn, she treated him as though he was the best daddy (er, prince) in the kingdom!

waiting for daddy

those two looked so great together

okay...this one makes me cry...they truly adore one another

putting on her corsage

the happy couple

she was so proud of that flower

putting daddy's flower on

We went to our friend's the Spencer's for the dinner...boy can she throw a party!! Thanks, Julie!

Caroline, Campbell, and Caroline

they felt so "fancy"

The theme was "A Night at The Matties", this was a spin on the Oscars, but their principal is Mattie.

These two have been best friends since they were little.

Julie had stars and pictures of the girls and their dads everywhere

the table setting

She replaced all the pictures in her frames with black and whites of the girls...they felt like stars!

Here they are at dinner

wreath made out of film

black, gold and white

let's dance!


a little conga line action

really groovin'

Oh, what a night!


coco said...

What a great night...those pictures are so sweet, you need to frame one for each of them! The dinner party was full of fabulous ideas!

southerninspiration said...

Aww, how precious....I love how Dad's tie matches her dress, and I love how the girls wore shirts over their dresses to eat! :) smart move.

What a special night for them; I'm with you;I'd have been a puddle maker with tears!