Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Half of 16 is...

Whew, in 8 more years she'll be driving a car.  Really, do I have an 8 year old?  

We always celebrate Campbell's birthday with my family during Thanksgiving.  We go to my mom and dad's house for that holiday and they always help us celebrate our sweet girl in a special way.  

It was 8 years ago that this super preggo momma passed on joining the rest of our family for Thanksgiving dinner because something just didn't feel right.  The next day, as all our family was leaving to go back home, my water broke.  The rest is history.  

Here she is with my sweet mom.  Every year I am reminded why God had her born near such a humble holiday... what a gift to be thankful for!  

With my aunt and cousin

With her goofy brother


Campbell loves the theatre and Junie B. Jones, so she opted to take a group of her sweet girlfriends to see her play in Nashville.  While she was looking on their website about the play, she noticed that they were taking toy donations the day of the play for Toys for Tots.  Then, on her own accord, no prompting from momma, she said, "Mom, I want my friends to bring gifts for the toy drive, not for me".
This child gets "it" when most adults don't.  THANKFUL!

Look at these precious girls.

Ready for the play

They got autographs from the cast and a meet and greet session.  The we drove home and ended our big outing with ICE CREAM!  That is how I know she is mine.  She would choose ice cream over a cake.

Love this sweet girl with ALL MY HEART!!!!