Friday, March 13, 2009

"Board" Out of My Mind!

I have a friend who is getting married next month and I was trying to decide what to give her as a shower gift. Normally, I would stick to the registry.... because honestly, that is what they really want, right? Well... often times I go to a baby shower, bridal shower or birthday party and I feel like the recipient is sometimes disappointed in my gift because secretly, they were hoping that just maybe, I would have painted them something.

You see, I am just now understanding (gaining confidence) that people are okay with me giving them something I created...or they act like it. I just didn't want to be that friend or mom that always gives away something I made, in hopes that after I leave, the recipient doesn't say, "Gee, that was nice of Amy, but where am I gonna put that?"

I enjoy creating things for people and feeling like I am giving them something that they know I put time/love into and that I chose that specifically for them. is my wedding gift. See what you think. I'll let you know how it goes over!


southerninspiration said...

It's adorable...I'm sure she will be thrilled!!!


Laurel said...

love it!

there's no better wedding gift than something fun, personalized and classic to show off that new last name! :)

is it an actual board (like plywood)?

Mind Your Manors said...

Thanks! It is a bulletin board/cork board.

Sara F. said...

I think it's awesome! I've got to ask about your color inspiration. Is it from something on their registry or in their home? I love it!

the Hughes' said...

I would LOVE to have something like that for my new house! How much would you charge for something like that??

Pam said...

Oh I would be thrilled to receive a gift like that!
Great job on the painting.

Brittany said...

They are going to LOVE it!
I seriously am thinking that I need one just like it....w/ and "R" on it, of course!! Seriously. We'll talk soon.

bj said...

OMGosh...those pillows are smashing! Just love every single one...especially the bunny pillow. Do you sell them?
Happy Day!

bj said...

i just signed up to follow you so i can come visit often!! ;O)

Kelli said...

Well, I am the LUCKY bride recipient of this fabulous board - THANKS Amy for being so thoughtful!!! :)

Misti of Studio M Designs said...

Okay, I have read your blog until I can't read anymore! I must go to bed and read more tomorrow. You are an awesome lady. Your artwork is wonderful, you should have an Etsy shop if you don't already. I have been selling and shipping artwork for years, you need to go into business, girl. Thanks for letting me sit and enjoy. Oh, I am a true suthena (southerner in my best southern voice) too.
Have a great week!

Miss Janice said...

Too cute!