Monday, October 10, 2011

He has to use two hands

Well, it is official...I have a 6 year old.  He has to hold up two hands to tell me how old he is.  

I feel like this year the celebrating went on and on.  Maybe I was in denial, maybe he wanted to have his birthday party at CHUCK E CHEESE for the THIRD year in a row, maybe he asked that I also bring cookies to school.... okay, all of that is true.  

Isn't he handsome?

Ms. Molly having the class sing Happy Birthday to him.

great picture, huh?  they are such hams...


I know, you think that this mom is crazy for letting my son celebrate with the big gray rat who consistently serves yucky pizza for three years in a row.  He loves it there.  I mean, how many more years should I expect him to want to go there?  I cherish the simplicity of celebrating, he really doesn't need all the hype, just some tokens and a few friends.
Can you blame me for saying 'okay' to a place that throws one heck of a party and cleans it up?  Plus, nothing says Happy Birthday like a $20 mouse tattoo and a blow up sledge hammer that lasts a day.

So here are some photos of all the fun.  I may or may not have fun out of tokens myself on skee ball, and proceeded to the counter to buy more.

Golf themed cupcakes

We love you to pieces Reedy Roo!!!