Sunday, March 8, 2009

God Made Dirt...

...and DIRT don't hurt!

AHHH...I am loving the sunshine and warmer weather! We literally stayed outside ALL day yesterday. After kindly, yet forcefully telling the kiddos to "Go play!" yesterday, this is what they got themselves into.

After the recent ice storm, we had some trees to fall on the property. My husband was waiting until the weather warmed up a tad to go out and finish chopping it down. The kids liked climbing on it so much, they wanted us to keep it. Hmmmm..... NO!

Can I tell you that I was a wee bit jealous? Oh, to be covered in "yuck" and not care. I was reminded yesterday of what childhood should be like...this!

We have way to many things these days that consume our time. All it took was a yard full of small children, a few buckets, and some dirt to bring back the word "simplify" into my vocabulary.

The kids raced with bucket out of the playhouse and we to the very back of our property where an old barn stands. There, is where they stayed all day. Digging, giggling, singing, chasing, and at one point, they even used the word CLEANING. What? I did notice sticks in piles!

Their day ended with a good ol' trip around the yard in a red bucket attached to a lawn mower. Does it get any better?? I know they had to have been uncomfortable bouncing all around, but no one complained... all we heard was the laughter as they bounced about the yard. Or, maybe it was the exhaust and fumes from the lawn mower that caused them to get all "giddy". Too bad we couldn't have just filled up that red bucket with some soap and water and hosed them all down. Just be glad that I don't have a picture of the bathtub water to attach to this post. YUCK!


Brittany said...

love this post! isn't getting dirty what be a kid is all about! every kid needs to do this more!!!!

love the last picture in the wagon - priceless! :-)

Miss Janice said...

Cute, cute post...children were always "getting dirty" when I was growing malls, computers, etc.