Friday, February 1, 2008

"Urn"ing Their Keep in Winter

Does your front porch need a little "pick-me-up" now that all the sparkly pretties from Christmas are taken down? Well, don't fret...we've got a few ideas that might help those urns earn their keep during winter. (I mean they did cost enough...why not use 'em year round, right?)

If you've already got some pretty evergreen topiaries in your planters why not try wrapping them with some bright pink tulle (available at craft or floral shops). You might even try adding a red heart or Easter motif to the bow. Bright pink, you say? Why not? I think it'll help with those dreary winter days.

With all the wind we have around here you shouldn't have to go far to find help with this next idea. Grab a bunch of long, leggy bare branches...if you think you have enough you probably don't so keep grabbing...and place them in your planter. Next, add a little greenery(maybe left overs from Christmas) to the mouth of the planter. If you're dying for some color grab some pretty ribbon and tie around those twigs. Or you might even want to spray paint those twigs?? Now that sounds more like it...if there's paint involved, we like it! Throw some pretty berries in there so those twigs don't get lonely in the cold and I promise you'll have cars slow down to see what you've done...You might even outdo your neighbor!

Now sit back and be patient...winter doesn't last all year.

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