Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Monogram Madness - part 2

It doesn't take much to send my brain into a "tizzy" these days. I can only pass by an open spot in my house for so long and then I rush to a closet that is filled to the brim and begin pulling out all kinds of items that need to make another appearance in my house. The catch is that they never come back out looking the same way they went into the closet. Most reapper with a new monogram or a painted animal on them. This makes them happy!!!

This was the case with these three items on the table. The table and the urn were found on sale and were not "reused". I had the green moss ball so the urn now holds it, the hurricane came from Pier 1 two years ago so I took a paint pen and added my monogram, and the black spindle was boring so I painted a bee on it and gave it a bow. There ya go...everyone takes the stage again (at least for now).

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