Friday, February 1, 2008

A tisket a tasket...

What to do with a basket?? I saw this idea in a magazine recently and thought that it was so clever!!! I am not what you would call super organized, but I do have a little bit of "Momma OCD" in me. I feel like I clean the countertops in my kitchen every five minutes. If you ever drop by my house unannounced, you may trip through the door, but one thing is for sure, my countertops are clean. I would get so frustrated when my sweet husband would come home from work and throw his keys, wallet, papers, etc... on my clean countertop (my clean spot in the chaos) that I came up with this solution.

I went to Hobby Lobby, bought 4 baskets just alike, and hung them on the wall right beside the door. Beacuse my family sometimes needs things "spelled out" for them, I had some little chalkboard signs that I purchased from Pottery Barn Kids that I tied on each basket and wrote each of our names on them. Whenever my husband walks in the door, he places all his "stuff" in his little basket.

Don't get me wrong, this took a few reminders and some explaining, but we are all happy about the organization. Whenever the kids bring a paper home from school, it goes in their basket. Simple, yet it keeps a smile on my face.

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