Friday, August 1, 2008

Two For Tennis

We just completed our last tennis lesson for the summer and thought that this picture was a HOOT!! Hand in hand walking onto the court?? Usually they are plowing one another over so one can shout "I am the winner, and you are the loser." I think that this means that we are coming towards the end of summer and the energy is dwindling. Or...I will truly believe that the love my kiddos have for one another does exist and that they really are "on the same team."

Just wanted you to see that they are still holding hands even after they enter the court


Adam and Emily said...

LOVE IT!!!! and them. and you! :)

Laurel said...

Hi Amy!
I discovered your blog a few months ago, but I had to comment on these pics...adorable!

Your site it fantastic as well... LOVE LOVE LOVE all the easy and cute decorating tips!