Monday, August 4, 2008

Okay so the other day I got this new house plant...yes, it's real...I'm all about real! I was having a hard time finding a container I liked so I began searching through my kitchen cabinets. I came across this great glass trifle dish that, believe it or not, I have never used. Fourteen years that dish has been in my cabinets and never had food in it, very sad. Anyway, I dusted it off, added the plant, dropped in some filler...I used nuts, but you could use anything small...and I had a great centerpiece for my table. I think for different occasions you could add different filler...for a fun party add jellybeans, Halloween add candy corn, Christmas add cranberries or fake get the point right? Objects usually have more than one function it just takes a little thinking out of the box. I'll leave you with this quote I came across the other day that spoke directly to my soul..."It is through creating, not possessing, that LIFE IS REVEALED."-Vida Scudder


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