Thursday, August 14, 2008

School Ain't So Cool! is a picture of my little man Reed before his first day of preschool. Looks happy, excited, ready to go, right?

Here is his picture when I dropped him off at school.

I was still feeling good and was pumped that he was not pulling my pants off.

Now, here is the rest of the story...

When I went to pick him up, they told me that he had cried all day long!!! I was bummed! Of course, he would NOT tell me why he cried, but I suspect he missed his mommy (or that is what I want to believe;).

So, we tried it again today. We had a little melt down, a little grabbing of the pants, a few desperate cries for mom, but he stayed. I sure hope little buddy has dry eyes when I get there today. I told him if he was big, brave boy, that I would have a surprise for him later. I love BRIBERY!!! Is that wrong??

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pallie said...

Reed looks so cute, even if he wasn't too excited about it!

I miss you guys and have loved reading through your blog to keep up with Cam and Reed!