Thursday, August 28, 2008


I have listened to a lot of people talk about their parents, some have good stories, some not so good. I can honestly say that I have been blessed with some of the best parents in the world! Thank you for being examples of love and care to your children and grandchildren.

Thank you, Mom, for giving me the "nurture" bug. You have taught me what it means to care for others and to follow through with promises. As a mom, I now realize that my sensitive heart and desire to "be there" was something that I received from you. I think that we are a lot alike (must be the "middle child" thing). You also taught me that simple pleasures can be the best pleasures, and most don't cost a thing. Thank you for always making our house a home. I gain great comfort in knowing that I am loved and safe each time I walk back through the door of my 'home'.

Thank you, Dad, for being an example of hard work and principled living. You always gave it your all in everything you did! Your words of encouragement throughout my life have given me strength through the most difficult times. Thank you for being proud of me. You express that often and it means a great deal to me. You also gave me your sense of humor, which I think is one of the best traits that you could have passed on to me. We are a family that loves to laugh!

Thank you BOTH for praying for me and my family daily. This is the GRANDEST gift that you could ever give me. I know that God has truly blessed our family in a mighty way. I still love how you greet us when we pull in the driveway and how you wave goodbye until we are out of sight. You both have given me a firm grasp of what it means to have self-worth and to believe that I can make a difference. The legacy that you are giving each member of our family is a precious will continue to captivate and inspire future generations!

You always told us to "Remember Who You Are", and I promise to never forget!

I love you!



SASSY said...

What a wonderful post - they are truly leaving a great legacy to generations to come.

pallie said...

Such a great tribute to your Mom and Dad! They are such great people and I am blessed to have them (and all of your Leighs) as family!

Laurel said...

Beautiful Amy!

Anonymous said...

What a great birthday gift! Thanks for saying what we all feel as their daughters! Shan