Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Plates With Pizazz

I thought that it was time for a DIY post. This one is super easy, can be mastered in no time, and will have your guests thinking that you are SUPER creative!

I originally go this idea from the infamous Martha Stewart, but I have done this and it was very simple to do. Here is what you need...
1. White paper plates
2. Colored paper plates (same size as white)
3. Scissors with a scalloped or curved edge. These also are referred to as scrapbook scissors.
4. Hole punch or other decorative punch.

Just cut out your designs on the white plates, then place them on a colored plate (not cut)and voila!



sara's art house said...

So cute!

julie said...

Thanks for the cute idea! Cant wait to use it! Julie

Brittany said...

love this idea! super easy?!?! you are soooo creative!

Melissa said...

I just found your blog through the Hardisons' - this idea is SO sweet and I'll absolutely have to give it a try when I have my nieces over for tea or when I'm catering a brunch party!