Saturday, April 26, 2008

"Beachy Keen"

It seems to me that almost every magazine editor or store owner has a strong desire to retreat to the beach these days. Me too!!!

Decorating with seashells, sand, and coral has become all the rage, even for those who do not live along the coast. I found some photos of different ways to casually bring the "surf" into your everyday design without having to buy new furniture or paint the walls blue.

Shells bring a natural, simple, serene design to any room. I love how they used the large clam for an ice refreshing!

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KJ said...

What a beautiful blog you have here! I have several pedestal jars and they really inspire new vignettes. I also love seascape decorating. I even combine it with my bedroom's French motif. I grew up in Long Beach, CA. and I'm still not too awefully far from the beach.

Your ideas, recipes, etc. What a great place to hang out when one can't sleep!

Best Blessings, KJ