Thursday, May 1, 2008

Personal Space

Nothing says personalized style like a great monogram or a custom painted piece for your home. At my house, I have probably gone overboard. Like my husband says, "There is no denying that this house is ours".
I think that a pillow with a letter or a tray, bucket, etc... can make a conversation piece or even define a space. Have fun with this idea.
I have put a few pictures of some easy DIY projects that you can do to jazz up that chair or outdoor patio!

For this project take a fun piece of fabric (can be scrap) and have a monogram store embroider a large letter on it. Then find a pre-matted frame and frame it like you would a picture. EASY!

I bought this wooden tray at Hobby Lobby, painted it with acrylic paints, addes swirls and dots then put a coat of polyurethane on it.

A sweet lady sewed the buttons on this pillow for me, but the same effect can be achieved using old buttons and a little fabric glue(my favorite).

Take an inexpensive galvanized bucket (Wal-mart or Target) and paint designs and a monogram on it, then spray a sealer on it to make it water resistant. You will have to spray several coats to ensure that the paint will not chip off. If you do not like to paint free-hand...use a stencil!


markandparx said...

I LOVE this idea!! Wish there were a Hobby Lobby or monogram shop over here. I am such a sucker for monograms!! My sister is going to a bridal monogram shower in a few weeks (have you heard of these?) & needed an idea so I passed this along to her!

Christy said...

Just came across your blog today! Love your style and ideas! Will be adding you to my google reader.

Andrea @ Big Creek Cottage said...

Love these ideas....;particularly the first....I am going to do this!!! How creative are you!!!! Thanks

jenni d said...

I have never painted using a stencil. I want to put an initial on the glass of an empty frame and the person can put cute scrapbook paper or fabric in the frame to match any theme or color scheme in their house. What is the best way to do this. Do you just use acrylic paint? Thanks for any suggestions. I wish I could paint freehand.


Mind Your Manors said...

thanks for your comments! I do just use acrylic paints. Most everything I do is freehand. I end up making a bigger mess if I try to us a stencil. Make sure that you use a sealer of some sort if you are painting with acrylics and plan on putting the painted item outside.