Thursday, April 10, 2008

Frame It Up

Oh, how special my weekend was...I've been feeling a bit blue lately and my sweet sister came to the rescue. She hopped on a plane and in a flash (well, despite the delay of her flight) she was here...with me...making me laugh. (Thanks, Ellen) And to top it off she wanted help with a craft project! So off we went...several the craft store. Needing a couple of baby gifts we decided to make these very cute picture frames. A "frameless" glass frame, scrapbook paper, and simple is that? We added some cute little appliques we retrieved from the scrapbook aisle just to add a personal touch but you could even print names or phrases or Bible verses to them. We thought they turned out great and took such little time. So if you've got some adorable pictures to frame here's a great way to do it. And for all of you with sisters...they really are SPECIAL, huh?

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