Friday, April 4, 2008

Horse'n Around

Being from Kentucky, and born near a barn (not in one) this time of year makes me super excited!! Over the years I have become very fascinated by all things "horsey". With May 3rd right around the corner, and the green grass growing, it can only mean one thing...DERBY!!!

I have always wanted to have one of those HUGE Derby know...the kind of party that everyone gathers under a huge white tent, all drinks are served in a silver mint julip cup, each person puts in a dollar and chooses a horse name out of a hat, etc...

I also have a great love for local art and I stumbled upon the 2008 Derby art poster and shouted, "I gotta have it!"

I love this one, it is a great portrait of what Derby is to me...women wearing HUGE hats and fancy new clothes, looking at their programs and telling their husbands which horse to bet on, the husband screaming because he is cheering for a horse he would not have picked, jockeys decorated in colorful silks and lots of fun!

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