Saturday, April 19, 2008

1,2,3 Strikes Your Out...

Ah, yes, spring has arrived! And with it at our home comes baseball season...I'm not talking just any baseball's my 5 yr. old's FIRST baseball season. Now things can get a bit hectic when you have two boys playing ball, but...I LOVE IT! Being out at the park, seeing them do what they love most, and letting someone else deal with them...what's not to love? And did I mention it's men that have to deal with them...even better! Besides, loving to watch them play ball, you know my passion is with paint brush in hand. So we thought we'd share, with baseball as our theme, a couple of things we've done recently...just in case anyone needs a cute gift, or a little something extra in their child's room.

The first is a home plate we've been commissioned to do (and it's become a big HIT, pun intended). We've painted and personalized never imagining we could make a base look so...Cute.

Thanks for the idea, Sherri, and for letting us help you out.

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