Monday, May 5, 2008

Surviving Katrina

Surviving Hurricane Katrina was really an understatement for my sister Lee Anne. The year 2005 was an incredibly hard one for my family...and even harder for her. For those of you who know my story, I lost my dad that year...and my mom. And then my sister lost her home in New Orleans to the storm. I can only tell you...and she will too...that it was by the grace of our good good Lord that we all survived. "I have plans to prosper you, not to harm you" the Lord kept repeating...and so that is what I reminded her. The Lord provided them with temporary housing, their jobs still in tact, and a buyer for their flooded home. However, it was a long two years...and two rental houses later...before they finally were able to move into their new home. In December of 2007 they sighed a sigh of relief..what a long road it had been. I can only tell you now how much I admire this woman that is my sister...I admire her faith in her Savior, I admire her perserverance through life's storm, I admire her gratefulness of which she learned when faced with losing so much. So I leave you with these photos of her new home. One is of the house almost completed, the other is the whimsical painting I painted for her new home. She truly is one of my heroes!


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

What an amazing story and testimony! I've been reading that same verse "I have plans to prosper you, not to harm you" in several places today and I know God has been using them to encourage me. Thanks for the blessing of your post!


KJ said...

I couldn't sleep and got up to "get tired." I came here via Southern Hospitality. I have been enjoying my visit here.

I was reading about your challenges and testimony through the storms. I was deeply moved.

My hubby and I haven't faced hurricanes and had a home destroyed because of it. We don't own a home: we rent. Barry lost his parents years ago and I still have mine. However, we did have our lives turned upside down starting in 2007. Barry lost his business, our landlord of 12.5 years decided to sell our rental (he knew nothing about the business.) We had 60 days to move with a trickle of income, a ton of debt, and no savings. We have basically lived a year on miracles and God's Faithfulness.

I say all this to share one of the most profound quotes that ministered to our hearts. Graham Cooke said, "God allows in His wisdom what He could easily prevent in His power." This shows how in control He is when the storms rage. He has the power to "allow" and the power to "prevent"; and yet, he knows what is going to build the greatest character and the testimony that will change more than just us. Our testimony becomes the life preserver and catalyst for all who hear.

I wonder how many lives your sister's Faith and perseverance has changed. What a glorious home God has provided! Wow!

Thanks so much for sharing your heart!

Hugs in Jesus!

Leigh said...

I just sat and read the entire first page of your blog. Cute as can be! I love your layout too. Thanks so much for visiting mine. Come on over anytime. I love new friends.

OH, BTW-search Katrina on my blog. I was very interested in this story I am commenting under because of my ties to areas hit. I hope that your sister has felt God blessing post hurricane.
This pictire you painted is precious and priceless.

See ya!