Friday, August 5, 2011

Twas the First Day of School...

The backpacks were hung on the coat rack with care...

we searched through the closets for something to wear.

Wait!  WE WANT OUR SUMMER BACK!!!  This sweet little story came to a halt when I realized we are so not ready to go back to school!!!  The kids are, not the momma.  However, we did survive the first day, and I was so brave!  HA!  Oh, and Reed was too.  
Reed did wake up this morning wondering where he was going today.  I reminded that sweet, clueless child that he now goes to school EVERY day!  He was less than thrilled, but he obliged.  I could not wait to pick them up yesterday to hear all about it.  They both used the word AWESOME at least a hundred times.  Mom, well she did okay, but when is Fall Break again??  

The only day of the year that I fix pancakes before school

Let the picture taking begin!

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