Wednesday, December 3, 2008

South Carolina... Here We Come!

We are headed south in the morning. The Richey four are piling in the car and won't stop until we reach South Carolina! Well... okay.... we may make a few pit stops along the way, we do have two little ones.

We are going to visit our sweet friends the Horns for a few days. My husband is going to run in a mini-marathon in Kiawah Island this Saturday, which is a bit past Charleston. We couldn't help but want to stop in Columbia and visit our friends and catch Coach Darrin Horn in action at a basketball game. We haven't seen them since they left Bowling Green this summer so we have a lot to catch up on! Then, after the race, we are going to stay in Charleston for a few days and take in a little Christmas in the south.

Here is a pillow that I made for my friend Carla to give to some ladies in Columbia. Notice the feathers... I was pretty confident that I could not paint a Gamecock, so I decided to add a little detail that would be representative of one... FEATHERS!

See ya in a couple days!


duchess said...

Very cute - feathers always perk up a pillow.
We're in SC - Greer. Wave as you pass by on Hwy 26 & have a safe trip.

southerninspiration said...

What a fun road trip!!! Hope it is loads of fun!