Monday, December 1, 2008

The Princess Turns 5!

Tis true... our little princess turned 5 yesterday! Wow, where did that time go?? After all of the excitement, she turned to her dad and I and exclaimed that she had the BEST PARTY EVER!

Her theme?? Well.... let's just say that she tied lots of things together in one. She wanted it at The Paint'n Place, a local pottery painting store, she wanted all the little girls to wear their princess dresses, and she wanted a lady to paint their faces (like Disney World, not the local fair). She started off the morning with a dance from her prince, daddy, and ended it with eating her favorite "Chippy Dippy" (thanks Carla) at Pepper's.

Here are a few pictures of the special day. WE LOVE YOU CAMPBELL!!

Here she is!

By her sign

The cake

Painting Princesses

Brother painting

singing Happy Birthday

getting her face painted

finished product

putting her hand on the wall
showing us 5 fingers

painting the wands

prince daddy

tiger boy

most of the princesses


Susan S. said...

What a cute, fun group, and day! Your little girl is creative just like you....mixing and blending all her favorite things to make a GIGANTICALLY wonderful day! You are blessed!

carla horn said...

Oh soooo cute! I can't wait to see those cuties this weekend! We have a special little happy for Cam. Just want to make the birthday last longer. I can't believe she is 5! Hugs! Carla

julie said...

What a party! I love that cake! Too fun!

sara's art house said...

What a CUTE b-day party! Wish we had a paint place like that around here.