Thursday, December 11, 2008

How about a little more Christmas?

I bet you are wondering why I said I would post pictures from our trip to SC but never did it, huh? Well, I have been having some trouble downloading my pictures on the computer, and I finally got my problem solved today. I don't have time to edit those photos and get them on here today, but promise to this weekend. So..... for now, here are some more pictures of Christmas around our house!

Painted sign for a friend

New pillow design

Fancy Tree

Candlestick napkins



Susan S. said...

Love all your designs.....That pillow is out of this world! Did YOU make it? The mantle is awesome too....I love your colors, if you haven't guessed by looking at my blog....LOL!

Mind Your Manors said...

I did make the pillow! I like color and the holidays REALLY make me love color. Thanks for sharing your blog too!


Meredith said...

FAB tree! Love the Ballard stockings too. You have a lucky friend. ;)

southerninspiration said...

Love it all!!!


Anonymous said...

Christmas at the Richey's looks great! Cute pillow!