Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fancy Field Trip

On Friday my daughter's class took a field trip to the local park to have a Fall Scavenger Hunt. She asked the class to bring food items so that we could have brunch while we were there. I signed up to bring breakfast pinwheels, my friend drinks, another mom napkins (you get the picture). Boy were we suprised when we showed up and another mom had made these!!!


You take regular donut holes, roll the tops in chocolate frosting, then roll the icing in toffee bits. Stick in half of a pretzel stick and VOILA!

Another mom used a cute little leaf cookie cutter to cut out her apples.

LESSON LEARNED: Do not think that just because it is a field trip for kids that they won't appreciate a little fun and creativity. Which items do you think that they reached for first? Here is a wasn't the pinwheels!



Kelly said...

Thanks for sharing these! I'm going to make these acorns for my daughter's 4th grade class. Cute idea!

Sugar Mommy said...

I wanted to let you know that we tried our hands with the caramel apple s'mores and they were FANTASTIC!! I took pictures, b/c half the fun was making them together. I posted them on my blog and linked to you. :)

We will be doing this again soon! Thanks for all the fun ideas and inspirations!

blessed mama said...

These are some crafty mamas! I love the doughnut hole idea! I too had quite the armload of catalogs in my mail this morning. I an very good at circling what I like and then never committing to acutally purchase them...