Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dear Mr. Mailman...

I think that this time of year provides me with a little strength training each time I go to the mailbox. Now each time I take my trip to the front yard, (at precisely 2:30) my load is a bit more heavy. As we approach the holidays, my mail seems to take over my house. The above picture was taken after just two visits to the box.
I am thinking about telling my mailman that it is OKAY to ditch all of these in my outdoor trashcan if he gets tired of carrying them all day. I won't tell! Do you enjoy getting all of the magazines, doing a quick flip, then tossing? Or, would you rather save the man in the cute little white jeep 5 minutes of figuring out how to get all of them "stuffed" into such a small space?

1 comment:

duchess said...

I love my catalogs. I get so many ideas from them & then try to re-create for a fraction of the cost.
You could just get him to forward them all to me.