Saturday, October 11, 2008


The leaves are starting to change colors and are beginning to fall to the ground at our house. My husband is usually ready to get the "leaf vacuum" out after the first one falls, but I like to look at them scattered all over the yard for a few days. BEAUTIFUL!! I also enjoy hearing the giggles that come from a good run through the foliage.

Here are my sweet kiddos on a recent visit to the GARDEN PATCH!

Then, we decided to go to the local apple orchard, all in the same day!

They love to pick out a bag of apples to bring home.

After a ride on the hay wagon, the kids took a trip through the corn maze.

They each got to pick out a pumpkin to take home. My daughter chose a small one, my son... not so small!

Rachel is on vacation with her family this week so I thought that I would go around the house and capture a few glimpses of FALL that have made their way inside our home.

This is a paper banner in the dining room that spells out "Happy Halloween"

This is our homemade version of a spooky tree. We spray painted a bucket black, and added twigs from the yard (sprayed those black too) and added little pumpkins!

Here is our pumpkin family on the dinner table.

While we were at the Garden Patch, I found these gourds that looked like apples. They were already green, but I painted them "apple green" and of course gave them some polka dots! They match my kitchen perfectly!




Lishak said...

I love your dining table. It's so whimsical! Very cute!

Tausha said...

looks like it was fun! Your little girls outfit is super cute! I love it!
I also love the striped candle holders on your table, oh and the tree! Cute! I have tonz of sticks and a couple of buckets hanging around- The apple gourds are darling! The polka dots totally make them! You should post a pic of them in your kitchen! You know, so I can get ideas and copy!

Brittany said...

love the gourd! it is amazing!! and don't you just love jacksons!

as always, you never cease to come up with the cutest things!

MMM said...

I love the lime green with the polka dots! So cute!