Thursday, June 19, 2008

Time Changes Things

Ok...I couldn't resist posting this. On a recent trip to my childhood home, I pulled in the driveway to find my dad dripping wet. I didn't need to ask him what he was doing, or if he had fallen in a pool, I KNEW what was going on...he had been cleaning out the garage again. This act of decluttering my parents house is often followed by the cluttering of his children's homes. See, what comes from his house, goes to ours. Years of moving from college dorms, to apartments, to houses after marriage has left lots of "junk" in their garage.
However, this time, we found a huge box of old pictures and documents from dad's past. This particular one that I am posting on had us laughing until we cried. This was a piece of paper that was sent home with dad after his 5-6 month visit to the doctor. If this was how we are to take care of our babies now, I REALLY messed up. Hope you enjoy the read! See how you would stack up as a parent if you had to follow these rules.
* Another funny fact: My dad was an only child and I love how his mom wrote his name at the top as to not get his chart confused with all the other children she had! HAHA!

(click to enlarge)

Favorite things:
1. Cod Liver Oil?
2. Orange Juice and Tomato Juice and Egg Yolks at 5 months?
3. Sun baths (except on hot days) and long naps outdoors if weather permits? HELLO!!
4. 6:20 Bedtime with the windows open?

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hazel said...

Wow! AND we were put in laundry baskets when traveling, before carseats! Amazing we all made it!