Monday, May 11, 2009

Mom’s The Word…


I cannot begin to express how blessed I feel to me called “Mom” by two wonderful children. 

IMG_0737They brighten my days with their laughter, their smiles, and their questions that leave me speechless.  I am still in awe that God, in all His glory, entrusted me with these two precious human beings.  I am honored to be able to teach them in His ways each and every day. 

For me, MOM is more than a three letter word, it is my job title.  I take it very seriously.  However, wanted to share a few “not so serious” photos of things that I have learned from my children.

IMG_0083_edited1.  Life should be a lot more “fancy” sometimes.

IMG_6512 2.  It is OKAY to really enjoy a bowl of ice cream.

IMG_6952 3.  We all need someone to hold our hand now and then and to offer a little encouragement.IMG_7207 4.  Sometimes, we are not the only ones pulled in a million different directions. 

IMG_7220 IMG_7215

5.  Often, we don’t really enjoy the beauty of something, until we dive right in (clothes and all). 

IMG_6730 6.  Everything is so much easier if we all lend a helping hand.

IMG_8131 7.  When trying to take a picture at night, make sure the strobe flash is not on.

IMG_8811 8.  They are proud of you no matter what place you come in (as long as they can wear your medal). 

IMG_7048   9.  Napkins, plates, and hand sanitizer are over-rated. 

Copy of IMG_6656 10.  Good friends are important and should be treasured.

IMG_7840 IMG_0607 IMG_7896  11.  Your family loves unconditionally. 

IMG_7166 12.  That LOVE is all around us.  Take time to show it, embrace it, and to let others give it back.  This might even be in the form of a peanut butter kiss on freshly ironed clothes. 

So today, I sit and sigh as I look at the laundry, the mud on steps, the toys scattered about, the half-eaten Pop Tart on the table and just let my heart smile.  I AM A BLESSED MOMMA!


Misti of Studio M Designs said...

Very sweet sentiments. Your children are beautiful! Arent' we very lucky people? My boys didn't act any different yesterday, but I know they love me unconditionally, and that was good enough for me.


Pam said...

I love the way you wrote this post. I can read in your words that you do feel like a very BLESSED MOMMA. Beautiful children too!

emily jochim said...

ok, so amy, number 8 made me cry!

Miss Janice said...

This is all so true and you are def very blessed:) Lovely family!