Thursday, April 23, 2009

Run Forest Run!

Well...actually his name is Brent, and he is my awesome husband who has more "umph" to him than anyone I know. This weekend he is running in his second marathon and we are so proud of him! Pray it is not too warm and that his knee will not give him fits. Really, my goal is to not hear his name paged over the loud speaker and for them to ask an immediate family member to meet him at the emergency tent.


Mary Beth Carlisle said...

Have a safe trip...proud of his discipline...don't think marathon runner will ever be next to my name!

Susan S. said...

Good for Brent...hope all things go well! I know you are proud of him.

PS: the previous post about what you "DID NOT DO" is hilarious!

Miss Janice said...

Now, that impresses me. I run in 5k's, but could NEVER do a marathon. I just know I would fall out on the ground!!!