Monday, July 7, 2008

Design Star

Okay, so I'm finally getting to watch Design Star last night and what do ya know?...they are decorating hotel suites at Gaylord's Opryland Hotel. Did I mention I was just there last Monday night? So I'm pumped right? Well, one group nailed it...the other had a little trouble but were on the right track...somewhat. Shabby chic, that was the look. They actually found the coolest stuff in Nashville. Old stuff. Just what I love. Anyway, I went on a hunt to find out where this stuff came from and I thought I would share. I know there are many of you that read our blog that are close to Nashville. But if you aren't...come'll know exactly where to go.

The first place is Gas Lamp Antiques Mall. I was surprised because I have actually been there. And, yes, I did make a purchase while there. This place is like 25,000 sf with 160 spaces and one large showcase room. It is located next to Home Depot and across from 100 Oaks Shopping Mall in the Staples building.
This cool turquoise chest of drawers came from there...LOVE IT!!

The second place I found was the Nolensville FeedMill Store in Nolensville, TN. Yes, I said Feed Mill store. These are designers and they go looking anywhere for a find. And find they did...
This cool coffee table came from there...evidently there is an antique section of their store.

Also, this cool bench was found there that they placed at the foot of the bed. Nice touch.

So you can see why I'm so excited. Nashville is in my back door. Gotta find a sitter for the kids so I can go shopping! If you want to see more pics go to and search Design Star.
Amy and Rachel


becky said...

thanks for the info...i get to n'ville on occasion and love knowing the places to go!

Bella said...

Just found your fun site!

I love HGTV Design Star...that coffee table would look so good in my living room...and I have just the spot for that blue table, too ;)

I hope I can visit those places in Nashville someday!