Friday, October 16, 2009

To Infinity and Beyond!

My sweet "Roo" (as we call him) turned 4 last week. This is a monumental age to him. You see, the cut off for most things around here is October 1st...he was born October 10th. His first words after we woke him with a vibrant "Happy Birthday", were "YES!...I can go to basketball camp and play baseball on a team!" Oh my, maybe I want him to stay 3.
Roo is quiet, passionate, mindful, sensitive, and the best cuddler I know. Up until the week before his birthday he said to me that he didn't want to have a party because he had one last year. Sounded good to me...then he asked me 5 days before the big day, "Mom, when are my friends coming to my party?" Seriously??? So, giving in to his big eyes, I called some of his friends over for his favorite things, Toy Story the movie, popcorn, and cake. He had a ball and proved to a momma that always plans 6 months in advance that the best parties are the ones that are thrown together last minute.
I smile when I look at the pictures I captured of these precious 4 year olds. What a carefree age!!!
Roo, I love you to Infinity and Beyond!!!!
Momma Mia (what he affectionately calls me)

They all chose their spots, got comfy, and watched the movie.

still sitting...

still sitting....

...and then PRESENTS!!!! Everybody run wild!

His best little buddy and partner in crime


How many clowns, I mean kids, can we fit in the tent?

They made a boy band and rocked out...

...with pink guitars and purple mike stands from his sisters room.


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Brittany said...

Happy Birthday!! Oh, Amy, FOUR seems like such a big boy age! Looks like he had a great party! :)