Sunday, August 2, 2009

Going to the big "K" and I don't mean K-mart!

Here she is as a baby...
...almost two...

...going to preschool...

... first day of K4...

...and last years school picture

Wow! Where have the last five and half years gone? I cannot help but think about what we have done/not done to prepare her for the next 13. Have we taught her this, have we taught her that? What I do know is that we are sending one excited little girl off to Kindergarten tomorrow.

I thought it only fitting, that I would write a little bit about my thoughts for her as she embarks on this next phase of her life. SO... HERE YA GO!

You are well equipped to start this journey. I was a lucky mom because I got to choose to stay home with you for the last five years. It is I who has received the blessing from being your mom and watching you grow into the amazing daughter I know. I got to see you write your name for the first time with side walk chalk, clean up the glitter and glue, read your favorite books, and to see you splash in the puddles in your rain boots.

Today marks a new day in your life. From this day forward, an education outside of our home will be part of your life. You will learn things that your dad and I can’t teach you, things that you have to learn by living and experiencing and meeting new people, but this we are sure of, you will do it with all the love and laughter that we are accustomed to seeing from you. You truly shine in so many ways.

We take our role as your most important teachers very seriously. While your school teachers will be there to help you gain knowledge, we will be there to provide you with understanding and support when you have questions. Whether you can believe it or not, we don’t know everything. Neither do your teachers. And neither will you. The beauty of this is that it leaves an opening for you to ask questions. I love that you want to know what the world is like. I want you never to lose that. Always ask questions. Always know that not knowing the answer is okay. And always know that just because someone gives you an answer doesn’t mean it’s right.

The most important answers will come to you as you grow in your knowledge of Christ. He is your ultimate teacher in life and your guidance counselor when you need direction. When it is tough to stand on your own, remember that God is always for you, never against you. He will teach you to have empathy towards others when you don't understand them. Find out who people are and what drives them, then love them.

God will always give you the strength to face any situation. Be willing to be different. Be tolerant of those that are different from you. Embrace change and be open to learning what the world and the people in it offer to teach you. You will stumble. Your father and I will do what we can to be there to help you stand back up again, and to lift your chin to Christ as he leads you in a new direction. We will hug you when you’re down and we will celebrate with you when you reach your goals and dreams.

We have tried to teach you from early on that there is nothing more powerful for you than a desire to learn but also a desire to think for yourself. If you don’t agree with an answer, that’s okay. Stand up and speak your mind about what you think is wrong. Do something if you see something that doesn’t make sense. Act on all of those “why”s and bring about change in the things you don’t like, but do it without sacrificing the grace and character that is so unique to you.

Tomorrow, when I walk you into class, and you are ready to let go before I am, I will stop and pray for you. As you unpack your washable markers and your safety scissors, I will pray that you to would someday have the blessing of sending the one you love off to Kindergarten. As your child turns to engage in a conversation with a new friend, you will smile, and then feel something warm running down your cheek...then you'll know.

I love you to pieces!



Laurel said...

Oh Amy! Talk about a lot of somethings warm running down my cheek now. Whew.

This piece is simply beautiful.

And what I love most about it is that to you, this is a letter written to sweet Campbell {and boy, will she surely appreciate this in about 20 years}, but as I read this, it's truly a testament to amazing & gracious mother, with an incredibly kind heart and soaring spirit.

Good luck tomorrow!

Brittany said...

Oh, my Amy~ What a precious letter to Campbell. My eyes are watery just thinking you walking away from her classroom on the first day of school. She is lucky little girl to have you as her Mommy........I can't wait to see her grow up into an beautiful independent young Christian woman.

I loved the pictures!!!! She was a doll from the very beginning!!!!!!!

p.s. This makes me want to treasure the next 3 years I have w/ Layton even more. Thanks for the reminder of why I stay at home.

duchess said...

How sweet she is. Don't blink, if you do she'll be in 6th grade in no time.
My husband & I were just discussing this the other day - our first born is in middle school - what?? How did that happen so fast?

julie said...

how sweet and special! i love it! it does go so fast!