Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm so excited...and I just can't hide it!

Let me introduce you to my extra talented friend Liz...she never ceases to amaze me!

Liz and I are neighbors, one house apart, and we like to have back yard meetings to discuss, kids, life, and our DREAMS! She shares my passion for creativity and vibrance for life. I almost had her talked into designing and sewing her own children's clothing line, but you know, who are we to tell God what it is that we need to do?

God has BIG plans for Liz. After debriefing one afternoon about our kids and their dolls...a vision came to her. I didn't have to try hard to convince her to "take a stab at" this project, the excitement was in her voice, and I knew it would not be long before I would see a sampling of "the project".



Please join me in Welcoming...

"Dilly Dolly"

Everyone together now... "awww, that is so cute"

Here is a little bit o' info about these precious dolls... Liz puts a lot of her time and love into each on of these dolls. Each is very unique and with her attention to detail, she ensures that no two are exactly alike. She has payed attention to safety issues while sewing these dolls because she knows that the dolls will be loved on and played with for many years. All the eyes are safe and loose items are hand stiched to make sure that they are secure. She does warn that parents might want to use caution if giving one of these to a child under the age of three. Liz uses bright colored, recycled fabrics, and says that is what makes these dolls unique...however, that is why customization on the doll is very limited. She does let the customer choose the hair color and any personalization/bible verse that you would want included on the doll. Each is made with polyfill and encourages you to spot clean the doll instead of throwing it in the washing machine. *All dolls come with body, boots, and skirt but you can get "add-ons" for a little extra.

Here is a personalized patch on the middle

Notice the hand stiching

Here she is with an accessory... an apron with an ice cream cone.

Here she is fully dressed

Her cute little boots with buckles

Another example of a doll

A sweet smock made out of antique linens

Bible verse patch on the middle with child's name

Leopard print boots

*If you are interested in talking with Liz about having a custom doll made, please email me and I will have her get in touch with you. Hope you can support my friend in this very exciting endeavor that she has started. Don't Dilly Dolly around...order one today!


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Momofgirls said...

I HAVE TO have one of those!!!

Momofgirls said...

I couldn't find your e mail address so mine is I want to order a doll for my youngest for her birthday! Thankyou for posting so many pictures and a great idea for a gift!!

Mind Your Manors said...

My email is

I will send Liz your email to get in touch with her!

Hugs, Amy

sara's art house said...

Those little dolls are adorable!!!

Kristen said...

I would love to see about getting one for my daughter and two nieces. How much is she asking for them? My email is Thanks!

alma said...

wow! I need one of these lil dolls. Im having a fairy bday party for lil girl and would love her to give "fairy" related doll. Please have her contact me at