Saturday, November 1, 2008


It's the day after Halloween and my we're all feeling a bit sluggish as my dad would say. The overdose on candy last night has put me on the sofa...down for a nice afternoon nap. The sad thing is now we can't quit. The amount of M&M's I have consumed in the last 24 hours is sickening. And my kids...Help us all...have too much to choose from to just settle on M&M's. When will it all end? We have to stop!!

Halloween night was a blast. The kids, adorned in their costumes, hopped on the trailer for a trick or treat hayride through the neighborhood with friends.
The adults managed to make their way in the back of the neighbors truck so they could keep up.

Before returning home the kids found a "haunted house" to go through. The older ones said it was no "Big Deal" and my five year old promised that next year when he's six, he'll be brave enough to do it himself!
We ended the night with lots of appetizers...I had a date with the bowl of guacamole...and a big bowl of chili. The kids crashed hard once the sugar rush was gone as did the parents. And today we have a Halloween Hangover!


julie said...

Too funny! What fun! Julie

Candace said...

I am with you, sister! The M&M consumption is waaayyyy over my limit! We are definitely hangin' over! Miss you too!!! Oh, the W pumpkin ROCKS!

Anonymous said...

Too fun! Miss you all so much!