Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We're baaaaack!! Sorry to those of you who are our faithful followers...we've been a little busy lately. Amy's been painting, Rachel's been painting. We thought we'd share with you a little of what we've been doing. Amy's actually been painting and earning money while Rachel has been doing "charity" work for her boys' school. Yes, Amy is the smart one of the bunch!! The charity work has been for fall festival. The children painted school desks donated by our wonderful city school system. They also have been painting canvases.
Afterward, Rachel had to do a "little" touch-up work to make them presentable and able to be sold! It has been a joy working with the kids and the end result is awesome.

Thanks to Amy, who very graciously helped out a friend, and painted a desk top. It is sooo adorable.

These canvases are great and will be a neat addition to someone's home. My favorite is the tree with the fingerprint leaves.
I think this would be cute in a smaller version with just my kids' fingerprints...another project later! The kindergarteners did "Kindergarten does Kandinsky." It really makes a statement.

The desk, if you can find one, are something neat and different you can add to your home or child's room. They make a great place for doing homework or just "playing."
Fall festival is Friday night so I'll have to let those of you who are interested know how it turns out. Thanks for remaining so faithful during our "busy" time.


sara's art house said...

Beautiful! Love the different colored squares.

blessed mama said...

LOVE the topiary one! Soooo cute. Welcome back!